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A Little About 
PHITT Services, Inc.


PHITT was established, to provide services for the development of positive psychological health. PHITT provides an array of services for all of your psychological and company intervention needs, specializing in Cognitive Behavioral Therapy, Team Building, and Anxiety & Depression Management. Court ordered psychological services are also available.  Services are delivered by California Licensed Psychologists, and California Board approved Psychological Assistants, who are supervised by licensed mental health professionals (ex., LMFT, LCSW, MD, PsyD, & PhD).

"PHITT has been an excellent resource in the field of Psychology. PHITT has helped many clients meet their individual goals in a client-focused and driven manner."

Dr. Tami Brooks, PsyD

"Great care was given to my presenting problem. I felt like therapy was helpful. Dr. Foster made me believe in the process and it is paying off ."

Deon C.

"PHITT Services provides quality mental health services for our clients. Their therapeutic approach to our foster care youth client's overall mental health has improved, which has empowered our clients to successfully transition to independence and to become productive members in their community."

Jessica Saint-Paul, PA, MPH, MCHES

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