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Master Degree:

~ Clinical Associates

  •    Psychological Associates (PSB)

  •    Marriage and Family Therapist (MFT)

  •    Clinical Social Worker (CSW)

  •    Professional Clinical Counselor (PCC)

who reside in California and is interested in registering with the BBS or Board of Psychology, respectfully, as an associate clinician to work a as Therapist in a professional private corporation.


  • Conferred Masters Degree/MA, MFT, CSW, PCC

  • or will graduate with a Masters Degree Spring 2024

  • Willing to work/have a minimum availability of 10 hours a week to possibly include at least some weekends or evening options

  • Comfortable with telehealth

  • Working computer

  • Working internet

  • Comfortable with working with kids, as well as teens and adults

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